May 22 - 26, 2024
Westin Kierland Resort & Spa
Scottsdale, AZ
Rules & Regulations
  1. No responsibility for the loss or theft of personal belongings can be accepted by the organizers or the hotel, nor can either be liable for any injuries sustained by any parties while attending the People's Choice Dancesport Competition. Everyone attending the competition does so at his or her own risk.

  2. Teachers may not enter two students in the same category.

  3. The Chairman of Judges shall be responsible for decisions concerning ties and for any problem arising over marks. Any discrepancies of results or questions are to be addressed immediately after the results of the event are given. The decision of the Chairman shall be final.

  4. Closed Divisions will be invigilated to ensure the proper figures are used. The flagrant use of incorrect figures will result in a mark down of placement or disqualification.

  5. Newcomers are considered part of the Bronze Division and may compete up to Full Bronze.

  6. First Place winners in any Division of the People's Choice DanceSport Competition must move up to the next level in any dance that had three or more couples competing in the following year.

  7. A student may dance in three consecutive divisions: for example, Bronze I, Bronze II, and Bronze III, and in as many “Open” events in the same level.

  8. In Pro-Am/Am-Am single dances, a student may enter a younger age category, in addition to their normal age division, but not an older age division.

  9. No personal video cameras will be allowed. Professionally produced videos and photographs will be available from our vendors.

  10. Heat sheets will be given upon arrival. It is your responsibility to make corrections prior to the session you are dancing.
  11. No program changes or correction will be taken once a session begins. Changes or corrections must be made at least one (1) hour before the session in which your dancing begins.

  12. All fees must be paid in full before you compete.

  13. Non-Package competitors will be required to purchase General Admission tickets.

  14. No refunds will be made for cancellations received less than ten (10) days prior to the competition.

  15. Refunds will be made thirty (30) days following the competition. Refunds or exchanges cannot be made on General Admission tickets.

  16. For full prize money, Scholarship Divisions must have a minimum of 3 couples.

  17. Students entered in Scholarships must dance the same amount of single dances.

  18. Proficiency entry points: 1 per level (closed only). Example: Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III = 3

  19. Men can be merged with the female categories if desired. Please advise on entry form.


Material in closed competition should be based on the current NDCA, Fred Astaire, Arthur Murray, or equivalent American step list and the ISTD syllabus for International style. No continuity in Bronze American entries. Open Divisions are not material restricted. Multi-Dance entries may be entered as closed or open.

All students who enter any of the scholarships must dance the same dances in single dance events. Scholarships and championships are unisex and have different age categories than freestyle events. Scholarship events must have a minimum of six (6) participants in order to pay full prize money.

On Deck Area
Dancers are required to be in the “On Deck” area two heats prior to their scheduled heat. Any competitor not on the dance floor when the Master of Ceremonies calls is subject to disqualification for that heat. Please be advised that changes may be made from the original program and all dancers should be in the ballroom at least 30 minutes prior to the time they are scheduled to dance.

Late Entries
Entries received after the deadline are subject to a $50 late fee per person.

Seating preferences will be based on package and receipt of entries and payment. Spectator seating will be based on when the paid order is received. Please note that we cannot accommodate separate seating orders together since the tickets are assigned when purchased.

Points for Top Student and Top Teacher

Points for the Top Student and Top teacher categories will be calculated as follows:

  Entry 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Single Dance Events 1 3 2 1
2-Dance Events 2 6 4 2
3-Dance Events 3 9 6 3
4-Dance Events 4 12 8 4
5-Dance Events 5 15 10 5

Proficiency entries (non-competitive events) will receive 1 point for the entry and 1 point for any placement.

All scheduling is subject to change. Please be flexible.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

 Deadline for Entries: 4/23/2024


MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Forrest Vance Productions, Inc.
Mail check with all completed entry forms to:

Suzanne Nyemchek
9282 E Los Gatos Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Telephone: (602) 751-7218
Fax: (480) 473-1678
Email: Use Form